Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chick pea (Garbanzo bean) fritters

Chick peas aka Garbanzo beans are a rich source of good fiber (the one that controls cholesterol). They are nutrient and protein rich and also good for diabetics due to their property of controlling sugar surges immediately after a meal. More nutritional information on garbanzo beans is found here.
Here is a mouth watering recipe for fritters using Garbanzo. Although this recipe involves deep frying in oil, it is still wholesome in terms of protein/ fiber content and nutritional values. Ideally one can use oil that has low or no transfats, and has a high smoke point for a healthy dish. I used canola oil here.
I am sure you will love this recipe and will like to make these time and again.

2 cups Chick peas (senagalu/garbanzo beans) soaked (or use if canned directly)
2 Green chillies chopped
8-10 curry leaves
Half a square inch grated ginger
1 big Onion chopped (optional)
Salt to taste

Soak Chick peas in water for about 3-4 hours (I personally prefer the freshly soaked ones for good consistency against canned). Grind it coarsely with green chilly, ginger and salt with as much water to form a paste consistency. Add chopped onions and curry leaves (optional).
Make small balls and put them on a plastic cover or wet palm and press with fingers to make small cutlet shaped circles
Put it into preheated oil in a pan and deep fry until they turns golden brown. You can make few at a time. Take them out onto paper towels to soak out excess oil.

Makes about 20 pieces.

Serve hot with ketchup or coconut chutney (I will cover this recipe soon, Pls check back later).

You can add chopped podina (mint) leaves or Dill for desired taste.

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  1. What a creative way to use chick peas! Looks great!

  2. You have wonderful blog ... looks good and delicious... will be often here... The fritters is really tempting.

  3. Hi, my mum loves to make this chick-peas fritters too. One of my favourite snacks. We have these with a cup of hot burmese tea.
    yummy :)

  4. Hi
    Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy these.


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