Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dosavakaya (cucumber pickel in mustard and red pepper)

After having posted the Spicy flavorful podina-kobbari chutney coming to the Chilly hot and fiery portion for an entry to the "Spicy and Fiery Chutney event" hosted by Sreevalli at Ammaji recipes. Although I am personally not a great hot and chilly lover myself, Andhra cuisine is popular for wide variety of these  pickels and chutneys and these are a regular affair in my family dining and "ought to be there" dishes in my kitchen.They are certainly relished by the rest of my family crew. So reposting as my second entry to this event the Andhra special hot and fiery Dosavakaya.


1 large Dosakaya cut to cubes
1 cup red pepper
1 cup mustard powder
1 cup salt
2 tsp methi(fenugreek) powder
3 cups oil

Cut the Dosakaya (yellow cucumber-sour kind) into cubes, some people deseed it completely but i like to leave in some seeds.

Take the cut dosakaya in a large bowl stir in all the ingredients and mix well.
Close the lid and let marinate for a day or two. In a couple of days the dosakaya leaves out water becomes tender and all the spices infused into it. The pickel is ready to serve.


Serving suggestions:
Serve with hot rice and ghee or with roti
The longer you store the pickel the better it tastes. This can be stored in a clean airtight container for months.

Dosakai Cucumber  on Foodista


  1. This looks deadly, and I'm not even sure what it is! Intriguing. What exactly is dosakaya? I know u said "cucumber pickle", but those round yellow things don't look like any cucumber I've ever seen! (although nothing could stop me from eating this)

  2. Hi Muneeba, Dosakaya is a yellow colored, slightly oval or spherical Indian variety of cucumber especially in the south and Andhra. It is bit sour. You will find it in any Indian grocery store. It is usually used in daals, sambhar or pickels. Thanks for asking! Will update my post with a link for other readers.

  3. wow spicy pickle,new version of pickle.i like it very much

  4. Great pic and makes me drool.Simple recipe just loved it!Gr8 fan of Andhra pickles!


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