Sunday, October 25, 2009

Date Peda

After Diwali and savoring all those sweets most of us may have taken the resolution of... Uhem... no more sugar for a while.... Really.... 
And for those of us in West and North America, Halloween is around the corner and kids are all excited about sweets and trick-o-treating. How do we balance our sugar? How about indulging in some healthy treats? How about if it is made with a nutritious ingredient with its all natural sweetness. Umm thats a good idea to trick your Jihva and curb your temptation right!!!

Dates are rich in iron and fiber and are good for heart health.
Since dates are sweet by themselves I did not use any sugar in this recipe. Try and enjoy this treat just anytime or for your next festivity.

Dates on Foodista
400g- dates
one 14oz can unsweetened condensed milk
2 tbsp maida
2 tbsp ghee
1 tsp cardomon

Crush the dates to make the cooking easier and faster. (I did by blending them in a food processor lightly in one short run) 
In a large pan heat ghee, stir in the maida and mix well in simmer so that it doesnt brown too much. Now add the dates, condensed milk and cook on medium while stirring constantly. Cook till the mixture blends well and starts to leave the sides. Take off the flame and let cool. Stir in the cardomom powder and mix. When it is warm enough to handle take small portions of mixture into your palm and shape them into balls and pat to make small peda shaped treats. Enjoy!

Rohini from Curries ans Spices has passed me another lovely award. Thank you Rohini for sharing this with me, I am really honoured!

I would like to share this with my blogger friends
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Sreelekha @ Sree's Recipes


  1. congrats on the awards..Way to go dear!!Thank u very much for remembering me and sharing the sweet of u.
    nice peda looks so yummyyyyyyy.

  2. Dates Peda.. mm New to me..
    Congrats on your award.
    Thanks a lot Raje for Sharing with me... Will collect it soon n post it along with my next post!!

  3. Congrats on your award dear...........peda looks yummy dear...nice idea to incorporate dates to sound yummy too.

  4. Yummy Dates peda,new to me.Congrats on ur awards and thanks alot for sharing with me:)

  5. Hey there! Great recipe! I just stopped by to let you know that here is another award waiting for you on my blog! :D

  6. Peda with dates, really yummy...

  7. Congrats raje.dates peda looks awesome..I have one in my draft similar to this..will soon post it..urs looks great & delicious dear..:)

  8. Wow peda with dates....great idea dear. Yummy and delicious.

  9. Dates peda seems a great idea to treat the kids. Very healthy snack and we can munch on any time.
    Congrats on those cute awards dear.

  10. Congratulations on the awards!That sounds delicious!

  11. Never tasted dates peda,sounds easy and yumm,Congrats on ur awards...

  12. Thanks Divya, Sandhya, Prasu, Sree, Priya
    for lovely comments.
    Thanks Sanjana for sharing the awards with me,so ncie of you; will post them soon.
    Thanks Sangeetha, look forward to your post.
    Thank you Tina, Vicky, Anupama, Erica and Vrinda.
    Vrinda this dish was inspired from a traditional Gujrathi sweet "Khajur-paak" that my sis-in-law once brought from Jamnagar. I cant forget the first time I ate it. It was awesome and wanted to try some more different sweet recipes using dates. This one turned out really good and simple too.

  13. Mmmm...looks so delicious, wish that I can try some :)

  14. I agree and think it's great to also offer some healthy treats on a day surrounded by sugary candies!

  15. Hey this is something new to me. Looks attractive and mouthwatery too...

  16. Wow! Date peda sounds interesting! Yummy!

  17. This is new to me..Looks perfect and yummy!!!

  18. Congrats on your awards dear !!
    And what a wonderful recipe.. very new to me, will surely try it :)

  19. Congrats Raje,Peda from Date sounds good,yummy

  20. Wow that was a yummy sweet we can indulge without worrying about calories! Thanks dear for sharing it!!

  21. wow thats a lovely sweet dish...never eaten it before..would love to have this one...looks so yum

  22. Hi Raje,
    Congrats on ur awards!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Sounds new to me
    A very healhy snack for kids
    Thanks for sharing dear.......

  23. Wow!Beautiful!Never ate date pedas but love dates:)

  24. Peda with dates sounds interesting! Looks yummy
    A new comer here .Do vist my blog

  25. Very new recipe ... looks nice in color and yummy and congrats on your awards Raje :)

  26. Thank you all for your feedback!

  27. You are welcome Annccoo!
    Gina & Aruna, Sure this is the way I can sneak in some nutrients and fill my little ones before they go on that candy munching marathon...
    Welcome Padhu Hope you will find it interesting here!

  28. Never heard abt this..Looks very nice and healthy too :)

  29. congrats on ur peda is new to me...looking yummy and so tempting me...

  30. congrats on ur award dear, peda looks yummy.
    have an awards for u in my blog, plz do collect it

  31. Congrats on your awards dear woow what a healthy recipe looks great


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