Saturday, January 17, 2009

Easy Dosa Recipe

1 cups Urad flour
2 cups Rice flour
1 tbs salt or per your taste
3 cups luke warm water
Methi powder (a pinch)
Sugar (pinch)

Mix the flours and salt in water into a smooth batter. Add methi powder and sugar and mix (these help make dosas puffy). Let the flour sit at least overnight to 24 hr to ferment.
Preheat a skillet to medium heat.
Sprinkle ice cold water on the skillet, soon as the water evaporated (will happen in seconds) grease the skillet with a little oil using a spatula.
Now mix the fermented batter with a laddle and gently pour a laddle full of batter onto the skillet quickly spreading it in circular motion using the bottom of laddle into 6-8 inch diameter circle.
If desired add a little oil around the edges of dosa while it is cooking. When Dosa starts to rise from the sides (in abt 2 min) using a flat spatula, flip to the other side and cook. Each side should approximately cook 1-2 min. until the side turns golden brown. Fold the Dosa into half and remove from skillet
Repeat the same process to make rest of the dosas.
Use a half cut potato dipped in oil to spread it on the skillet, this minimizes oil usage and helps spread more evenly and prevents dosa from sticking to the skillet. Also makes dosas more crispy.

Serve hot with Stuffed potato curry in the middle of dosa.
Serve with karappodi, coconut chutney or sambhar

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