Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breakfast wraps

Eggs are packed with protein in as low as 75 calories per egg. They contain the zinc that boosts metabolism and immunity. They contain vitamin B12 that is important for cell production and renewal and many more goodies. Read more on these incredible eggs here.

Eggs with veggies, wrapped in a low fat tortialla are a perfect way to start your day. These are quick and easy to make and fill you up without adding too many calories and keep you charged until lunch. Here is my kids favorite breakfast recipe for wraps-
2 whole grain flour tortialla
2 eggs
6-8 spinach leaves
1 tbsp Shredded cheese of choice (optional – I used here cheddar & jack mix)
2 tsp ketchup or salsa
1 tbsp cream chesses


Make an omlet by breaking the eggs. You could use whites exclusively if you like a cholesterol free recipe.

Lay the tortilla on a cooking surface. Spread the cream cheese and top it with ketchup. Spread out the fresh spinach. And on top the omlet. Roll the tortilla into a wrap. And half it using a knife or pizza cutter and your healthy breakfast wraps are ready to go.
Serves 4
Tips and Serving suggestion:
Heating the tortialla for a min on skillet before making the wraps makes them slightly crispy.
Kick start your day with a tortilla egg wrap and a cup of orange juice.


  1. YUM! That looks like the perfect breakfast!

  2. love ur wrap idea....
    following u..plz drop by my bog wen u get the time.


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