Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mysore bhajji

After some enjoyable experimentation with unconventional dishes, I felt like writing about some traditional recipes. I had on my list these Mysore Bhajji, I was intending to write for quite sometime now. Now since it is Navarathri, we are all eagerly preparing for those classic dishes and looking forward to gettogethers with friends and family. This is an inviting dish you can entertain your guests with. It could well serve for a breakfast with some yummy coconut chutney, or even an appetizer on a big lunch or dinner menu. Or just make a bunch of these for kids to munch on as finger food, while you are busy preparing those big festive meals. I made these one weekend a few days back for an afternoon snack.

You will need for this:
2 cups of maida (cant find this...try these substitutes -- all purpose flour)
3/4 cup plain yoghurt (curds)
2 green chillies
1/2 an onion chopped
1 tsp cumin
salt to taste
oil for deep frying

Seive the maida in a large bowl. Stir in yoghurt (I used homemade, whole milk yoghurt) salt and knead into a smooth dough and leave it for about 4 hr (or prepare the dough in the evening for making mysore bhajji the next morning.
Just when you are ready to make, Grind the onion, chillies and cumin together coarsely into a paste and mix with the dough (If you wish can directly use the finely chopped ones directly). You can also mix a pinchof cooking soda if you feel the dough hasnt risen enough to get fluffy bhajjis, but this is optional. I did'nt use any here.
Heat oil in a deep pan for deep frying. Drop scoopfulls of dough into the oil and fry till golden brown turning them occasionally. Remove them from oil, drain off excess onto papertowels and Mysore bhajji are ready to serve. Enjoy!!

I am sending this recipe to Kids delight event hosted by Srivalli of Spice your life


  1. i love this bhajji...i used to tell my mom to prepare it atleast once in a i have to try it myself soon...Urs look very tasty raje...

  2. Bhajji looks great...never tried it....want to try it.

  3. Thank You Sushma, Sangeetha and Sarah for your quick comments.

  4. Anncoo, Maida is similar to all purpose fluor, it is a little more starchy though.

  5. hmmm.......this looks grt.
    would love to have it with a cup of tea :)

  6. Bhajji looks prefect for snacks, even its my fav..

  7. Hi Raje,

    I will try Mysore Bhajji... Your blog looks good..

  8. Awesome... you have got it so nicely...

  9. Why only kids even I want them.

  10. this is a great anytime snack...

  11. Excellent Bhajji,sure kids love this

  12. Love the bhajies, they look yumm. Wish i had few now.

  13. Thank you all for the thoughtful comments, they encourage me to keep bringing more!

  14. Great dishes for Navarathri!Love the mysore bhajji,Raje:)

  15. lovely bhajjis - never made them with maida...

  16. Hey,
    Thanks for dropping by !
    You have got lovely blog, will surely visit often!
    This bhajji seems very simply tasty dish ,will surely try !

  17. Thats so inviting Raje.. Wish I cud just pull some off the screen :)
    And thanks for dropping by! I am following you too :)


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