Friday, September 4, 2009


Uttappam always reminds me of my college days when I first tasted it on our visit to Palani in Tamilnadu (South India). Although at that time I was least worried about the process of making it, its lingerning taste and memories of it remained over years. Although this dish actually originates in Tamilnadu we from Andhra make similar versions of it. "Dibba rotti" is one  such version that closely resembles uttappam and is made using batter consisting ground urad daal and rice flour or idli rava similar to that of used to make idlis. This being crispy I always insisted my mother to make these whenever she had some idly batter left out.
When I first came abroad with no idli grinder in hand, craving for idli, dosa or uttappam, I discovered this "no grinding involved" recipe of mine, after a bit of trial and error. This recipe directly using the urad flour and idli rava replicates the exact taste of uttappam made by grinding the urad daal and rice. This standardized easy to make recipe is now my families all time favorite hit.

Ingredients:1 cup urad flour
2 cups idli rava
4 cups water (luke warm)
Salt to taste
½ cup sliced onions
2 green pepper chopped

Prepare batter on the day before by mixing the flour and rava in luke warm water and adjust the salt. Set aside to ferment over night.
When well fermented stir in the chopped onions and pepper and mix well. Heat the skillet. Spread about ½ tsp of oil and spread a spoon full of batter in circular movements away from the center of the skillet quickly. Usually uttappam is slightly thicker than dosa so use slightly more batter than you would for regular dosa. If desired add a little oil on edges of uttappam for getting more crispy uttappam. With a flat spatula flip to the other side and let fry till both the sides turn golden brown. Remove from skillet. Repeat the process for rest of the uttappams and serve hot with thinly sliced onions and chopped green pepper on top.

Serving suggestion: Thinly sliced tomatoes, scallions can also be used as stuffing by folding the uttappam in half.
Serve hot with any spicy chutney, sambhar or karappodi, followed by a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee. 

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